Should I Let Him Know?

I've fallen in love with him,
I promised myself I wouldn’t do this,
Too afraid of heartache,
Got to escape or I wont pull through this.

I need to know how he feels,
Need to know if this inner struggle will be worth it in the end,
I want him, I need him, I love him,
As so much more then a friend,

He holds me close, his lips against my skin,
His breath is warm and I melt within,
I fall into his eyes and bask in his soul,
As he pulls me in closer and I lose control,

I cant describe the feeling or just simply erase,
The tender look on his beautiful face,
He tells me I'm pretty, special and sweet,
With each kiss he just sweeps me off my feet,

If he should leave me, I fear I should die,
Or maybe not so dramatic, but I know I would cry,

For days and weeks and months after,
Happiness to me is the sound of his laughter,

Oh how did I get in so deep,
I feel like I'm drowning,
I'm losing sleep,

Should I tell him I love him?
Or should I not?
My heart is a heart that can hide a lot,

He hasn’t said he loves me,
But maybe he's like me,
Afraid to say it first,
Afraid of what it means,

Should I take this chance?
Should I step on the floor,
And begin the dance?
Or wait some more?

I know that I love him from the bottom of my soul,
But should I tell him that I love him?
Should I let him know?

The End

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