Unwrite me,

For I am already condemned.

My life mapped out,

On each unforgiving page.

And each year that passes

One will crumble to dust.


Unwrite me,

I long for a second chance,

To look forwards instead of backwards.

As the steady tick tock of time goes by

Still the pendulum with your eraser,

As you still my future.


Unwrite me,

As you sit motionless at your desk, pen poised,

Spare me a thought,

I like to think that fate is written in pencil.

It gives me something to fight for:

The possibility of a second chance.


Unwrite me,

For only you can do so,

You are my last chance and

I have been good this year,


If the future is written in pen,

Then tear each page slowly up

And write me again.

The End

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