Beautiful Eyes

Boy you have beautiful eyes,

Windows into your soul,

But the windows are shuttered and barred,

Lately I see you're losing control,


Hold your breath and jump,

Do not be afraid of falling down,

I'll always be there to catch you,

I'll always be around,


I'm not going to say I love you,

Because it isn't true,

I feel so much more that I cant describe,

And those words they just wont do,


Every colour imaginable,

In a blinding flash of light,

Hits me like a tidal wave,

Will I make it through tonight?


Your lips are touching my lips,

Your arms are around me,

There is no other place right now,

That I would rather be,


If you could see into my head,

You might be surprised,

But I'm still captivated by your

Beautiful eyes.

The End

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