The Runaway

It's getting near Christmas,

With each blink of my eye,

I see tragedy after tragedy,

Passing me by.


I look back and ain't proud of,

Some things that I said,

When we fought this time last year,

And that day I left.


Santa don't visit me,

Not anymore,

He abandoned me,

When I walked out your door.


I'm surviving slowly,

But I'm out in the snow,

And year after year,

I feel I'm growing old.


My kids are unborn now,

Waiting for their chance,

At success and failure,

At teenage romance.


But how can I raise them,

When you couldn't raise me,

Because I didn't let you,

And you watched me leave.


That fear of rejection,

Will be forever in my heart,

Because I know the other side,

And the stubborn start.


Well it's been about a year now,

And I wanted to say,

I think about you,

Almost every day.


It's getting near Christmas,

And I just can't pretend,

So I'm asking you if

I can come home again.

The End

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