Multicoloured Grey

Murals, murals, mysterious and tall,

Taking up miles and miles of wall,

Stretched along cerebral static,

Optic nerves are so ecstatic.


Murals, murals, everywhere,

Cannot help but stop and stare,

At every brush stroke of desperation,

Every drop of paint a condemnation.


Life sentence so it would seem,

Of painting in grey and dreaming in green,

Of dancing in black and dreaming of blue,

Does that sound a little strange to you?


Sweet life, capturing breathlesness,

A life devoid will soon depress,

Staring along this endless wall,

Wondering how to make it fall.


Murals, murals, rainbow colours,

Wondering if there are others,

Just like me who paint in grey,

But dream of colours everyday.

The End

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