Sugared Lemons

I killed myself yesterday,
Gave in to the temptation
Of sorrow and momentary freedom.

Though my heart grieves
For the loss of my other soul
- My schizophrenic side -
My mind reminds my tongue
Of sugared lemon.

I have a new beginning
From a tragic end,
Variety spices the salty waters
Of the tears of change.

My inner child lounges by an endless watersource,
Feasting on the fruits of failure, of doubt...
Devouring them as they try to blossom.
They will not stop me a second time.

In one passing of four and twenty,
I am older, wiser, and solemn.
And in my mind, that girl still sits by the well...

A slice of sugared lemon in each hand -
It leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

The End

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