Are you packing your bags?
Are you going for good?
Are you sick and tired
Of the neighbourhood?

Do we bore you with stories
Of days gone by?
Are you sick of your Daddy
Makin' your Momma cry? 

Have you dreams to dream?
Have you places to be?
You've got your life to live
And all those places to see.

Just remember us here
When you're way up there,
Cos you might not think it
But we all really care. 

Will you say goodbye?
Will you shed any tears?
Will you hold your head high?
Face your darkest of fears?

Starting out on your own,
Got your feet on the ground,
You're escaping a world
Where you can't make a sound. 

When the night comes down
And you've nowhere to go,
Will you remember the road
That leads you back home?

Cos everybody's got a little somethin' to do,
Yeah in this whole world there isn't only you,
So keep your eyes on the prize and smile for me,
Remember  you've my shoulder to cry on,


The End

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