A lone pedestrian dives for cover,
As a metal bomb explodes behind her.
Brakes groan and a woman's voice.
"Oh my god"
Phones appear amongst the screams and silence
As he writhes in the seat,
Companion's head resting on the steering wheel.

Comforting words,
A reassuring hand to squeeze.
"Damien, I can't turn my head, Damien."
"Look at me, not at him, keep your head straight. Deep breaths. Does it hurt to breathe?"

Siren wails,
Flashing blue lights and a uniform.
"No beat."
Wrap him up in a black blanket.

"He's cold, they're trying to keep him warm."

Cutting him out still holding hands.
"Thank you."

Simple words bringing in reality of impending sorrow.

A lone pedestrian vomits in the ditch as she stumbles home.

The End

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