Avid and bubbly the springs do flow

Rushing waters with sparkle and glow

Crystal clear as the waters appear

Sheltering moments in soundless cheer


Hurtling down mountains, slopes and bends

Careening across valleys that never end

Boundless energy do springs exude

Vigorous speed and boundless youth.


As the waters hit the rolling plains

Pace of springs does thoroughly wane

Gone is now the rush and roar

Speed and thrust a matter of yore


Children wade through now, knowing well

The Waters again would never swell

Potent as the flow may have been

It won’t now mar and tear again


Of flight in time with flawless wings

Of cool breeze and enchanting swings

The passage of Life in springs I find

As memories scoff my turbulent mind


The springs of Life do saunter along

Harking back to eras long gone

What passes by, is a distant past

Like waters flown, Like a lifetime lost.  

The End

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