Spring Sprung

A poem about the first spring day.

Spring sprung on us in the north today.

It had been lurking, playing hide – and – seek, teasing us with a new season. The plants were trying to bloom, one or two had made it to full color showing off what amazing colors and scents were soon to be. The sun had come out only to be beaten back by gray clouds full of snow and rain; frost and bitter cold mostly remained.

Spring surprised us in the north today.

Many dared not to remove their winter jacket, scarf or gloves. They were surprised and doubtful that today was as glorious as it was. They missed all the wonders that this day brought. They frowned at the sun, huddled in the shade. They did not believe that spring had come.

Spring surrounded us in the north today.

The sun came out and warmed the air ground. The birds changed their song from their winter tune, to the happy love songs only they know. The convertibles were out, polished like Easter eggs, and on a leisurely Sunday type drive. Dresses covered the winter white skin of more than one woman; the girls were changing from their winter wardrobe. People were out kayaking, biking, skating, walking and holding hands. The smell of bar – b – que’s wafted through the air, and more than one picnic was seen everywhere. Children laughed, and smiles could be seen everywhere.

Spring came to stay in the north today.

The End

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