Poet#26 "Perpetual Procrastination"

Pick up the paltry pointless pace,
Pushed and pitfalled into the piranha populated paddling-pool
Of Protagonize.

Put panic-stricken paralyses on the parquet,
And pointedly pinion each poisonous piece,
That precipitates precariously on the parade in your precinct.

Play paranormal ping-pong,
While prancing pointedly among the pimpernels and primulas,
To pin-point the placebo that pixelates your purpose.

Patronise the prankster that practices praise-worthy pratfalls,
Propelled by pride through the proscenium of the protagonists
That proselytize the prospect of positivity.

Prepare to prove the parental prophet puerile in their premonitions,

Predict a powerful pleasure in plotting piracy,

And please,
Please remember...

Even pernickety polyglots practice procrastination.

The End

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