Poet#18 "Narcissus"

The nexus of perfection, Nature’s own narcotic: to need
To see, to envy the naked construct and naissance
Molded by her hands.

The naiveté of the Auto-Narcotic: to marvel at the naked bulb
And the nimbly-pricked naphthalene hairs, like neurons
Among the dirt, seaming together Terra’s mind.

But man. Nixing himself, to be both Nature and Narcissus:
The noveler and her novelty, nonpareil paralleled
In one body and endlessly ravenous.

Narcissus kneels like the penitent. Gnawed
With the digestive slowness of carnivorous plants.
Like Dali’s illusion: that nude chrysalis of the naked skull,
The bulb. And the newborn.

It will be that the novelty sprouts nettled limbs,
That keen Nature will conserve her favorite son.
The novelty having died, narcissism survives.

The End

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