Poet #17 "You, Me, Us"

You naughty little gnat.
You never see the noon.
You live for the night and your mistress the moon.
Only monogamous to she.

What I am: nice, noble, boring?
How can I get it through your noggin?
Being your nudist was a novelty.
Now I wish it all away.
So it seems I am a naive nail biter.
But I am safe, editable and non-toxic.

We don't need a nuclear war
To be nicked and nampalmed
I'm a grown-up now, I have no need for such nasty,foul games.
And your a natural no'er'do'well.
No need to be nafarious, most days anyway...
Just kiss the nape of my neck and you'll see I could be your narcotic.
I'll give you narcolepsy and maybe turrets too.
Knight you a narwhale.
Just don't be so narrow.

The End

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