Poet#16 "N" - "Untitled"

“No. No!” thought the nutcracker
As the nefarious children neared
For it was the juvenile delinquents
That the nutcracker most feared

They nabbed him around his nape
Neglecting his silent dissent
Pockets filled with stolen nuts
They began the nutcracker’s torment

Nausea overcame the nutcracker
As they notched open his nib
Each nut bringing agony
The crumbs trickling down his bib

And then-
It ended.
As suddenly as it had begun.
The neanderthals’ nurturer came, scolding
Causing the nupsons to run.

Nursing hands placed the nutcracker
Out of the reach of ninnies’ hands
Despite his many nicks, the nutcracker grinned-
Never having to face a nut again.

The End

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