Poet#14 "Grievances"

A final glaring glance, no greater than grumbles,
Gratitude not given graciously towards God,
At a loss of the gift of gab, imagining only gaff;
In a grave, ghostly graveyard does Gabriel grieve.

The good gabba forgotten, goes gaily unremembered,
Bandaged in a grotty gabardine, garmented not in sorrow,
Beneath gross gabbros, lying grotesquely,
And ignored beyond imaginable.

Grieving yet still gallant, Gabriel grows fragile in grief.
Angel of angels, grabbing at green grass and wings;
Grazing skin, tearing grace, greeting mourning,
Then grating giant insanity.

Grand anger gets bigger within once-great beings --
Ghastly growing, unreachable inside --
At the ghost of a vague brother,
To begin a magnificent and horrendous insurgency against God

The End

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