Poet#9 - "the Daredevil of Delhi"

The Daredevil from Delhi

Loved living dangerously.

Driven by the jeopardy of his undertakings,

Deemed to be deranged by some,

Doing deeds no one else dared to,

like juggling jagged daggers

or playing with dynamite

dauntlessly cheating death daily .

One fateful day,

The Daredevil’s luck did dash out

While driving his sedan swiftly over steep slopes,

Dead drunk,

He drove off the cliff

And met his demise.

But his soul was restless and his work undone,
And many months later,
One dark, dewy night,

Near Dilli Drive off Chandni Chowk,

The Daredevil from Delhi

Rose from his grave


The End

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