Poet#8 - "Down the Danube"

Daddy paddled us down the Danube,
Doling out wisdom as I daydreamed;
Devilish ducks splashed us as we passed
And distant docile doves dozed downstream.

The dandelion sun overhead
Dawdled like a drowsy toddler;
We dilly-dallied no differently,
As we’d discovered dulcet-toned birds.

Dilapidated strongholds straddled
Ridges all around, gazed as we found
Hidden docks damaged by delinquents,
Dullards determined to be renowned.

Daddy eased up, allowed us to drift,
Dismissed schedules, tossed aside deadlines,
Serenaded dumbfounded donkeys,
Asked me dozens of riddles in rhyme.

I decided I would dedicate
My days to dissecting dogmas,
A doubting desperado devoid
Of direction, decked out in Prada.

Dearest Daddy didn’t understand.
He smiled indulgently at my decree,
Said we should go before dark arrived.
I, head returned to the clouds, agreed.

The End

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