Poet#6 "Cross the Canvas"

Curls of confluent currents coast and cascade,
Connecting the curves of the clear creek,
Curtains of coarse clouds coalesce,
Covering the crumbling clay columns,

Closely clutching a sacred cloth canvas,
You clamber carefully across the cobblestones,
Clad in a comfortable cotton cloak,
You covet a crusty, colored candle,

A captivating cave compels your curiosity,
Cunningly concealed, you creep closer,
A crack in the corroded cliff calls,
Confidently composed, you continue to climb,

Contemplating the challenging contour,
You carry your courage in your chest,
Considering the conspiring conditions,
You contain and control your cowardice,

A crippled cry cracks your concentration!
Crude panic clasps your consciousness!
But the concealed crier comes clear,
An eccentric character with a contrite countenance,

He calms your concern with cordial comments,
Confirming and confessing his clumsiness,
Clarifying his occupancy of the cryptic cave,
With copious yet coherent commentary,

Content with his convincing claims,
You conclude he is the creative recluse,
The crazy creator whose canvas you carry,
The cause for this complicated commotion,

He collects the canvas with a cluck,
Celebrating, clapping, and chuckling,
A spectacle of concocted comedy,
He crawls into his cave, cackling,

You cringe, collect your crumbling composure,
And conclude the spectacle with a comic call,

The End

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