poet#4 - "An Epic in C"

“Courageous comrades!” called Captain Carr.
“These Caverns are comfortable and cool.
Consider the cache we have come to claim!
And curse the cretins who called me a fool!”

So carefully into the Caverns they crept,
Clutching the coattails of Captain Carr,
Who crowed and cavorted and capered and cried,
And cut the air with his nice scimitar.

Through caves all clammy, cold and shocking,
The company crawled for countless paces,
Through spaces black as crypts and coffins,
Candlelight flickering on their scared faces.

But contemptible creatures in coal-pits stirred,
Cameleopards with clotted, crusted claws,
With ceolacanth eyes and octopus coils,
And capacious and voracious maws.

Around the company they congregated,
Closing in with cruel and crafty cunning,
Counting victims with stomachs rumbling.
Set the cowardly comrades running.

But Captain Carr with commendable speed,
With a chop and a chip and a slash and a hack,
Massacred the criminal, callous creatures
And called his cowed colleagues back.

On they marched, across cracks and craters,
Climbing many a chthonic crevasse,
In the clinking caverns cryptic and chilly,
Concerned and hopelessly outclassed.

And along the way Captain Carr’s scimitar
Sliced and diced up a psychotic Chimera,
Several curs and fifty-three Cyclops.
Then the route to the cache was clearer.

He clobbered a cackling crustacean
And conquered a complete cannibal clan,
Cranky coyotes offered a challenge,
But Captain Carr stuck to the plan.

Completely wacked they clambered high,
Came at last to the place the Chest was kept,
Captain Carr unlatched the chromium catches,
Then the company of comrades wept.

Inside the Chest there reposed no riches,
No cash to keep them in comfort and content,
No crystals, cuff-links, chains or chalices
Not even a single copper cent.

The End

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