Challenge#2: Alliteration Assault


A Vong (by Tasha Noble)

A Victorian veterinarian

Traversed the vast ravine

Where a violent vivisectionist

Injected a vole with vaccine.

The varmint’s veins were vaporised

By the villainous reprobate

While he vocalised the version

To this velvety vertebrate:

‘’I vow to you, it’s not volatile

To your vascular system’’, voiced he...

''Neither virulent nor venomous,

Only virginal Vitamin C.’’

‘’You vacuous vexatious villain!’

Verbalised the valiant vet.

''If you ever victimise these poor vermin

Forever I'll make YOU the victim yet''

Then he vented his vessels with Valium

Till his vitals signs all were devoid.

And the valley vibrated with victory

For the veritable evil destroyed.

So the Viceroy invited the victor

For vindaloo served with vintage vermouth,

Violets flavoured all with vanilla.

I aver that’s the virtual truth.


Groups of 3 are given a letter with which to use as often as possible in the form of alliteration.  This is no mere tongue twister; word choice and order all must work together to leave a comprehensive poem, judged on all the same elements as any other poem.

At the end of this challenge, 15 poets will prevail, and 15 will be left to ponder why this Shakespearean riddle is so darned funny...

First Clown What is he that builds stronger than either the  
mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter?

Second Clown The gallows-maker; for that frame outlives a 
 thousand tenants





The End

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