Poet#24 - "Borneo"

 Grey clouds shift, enveloping the crescent moon
The woods underneath fading into darkness
You lean by a tree and restlessly hum a tune
Wondering how you’ve gotten yourself into this mess

Deep in the forest of Borneo.

Truth or Dare among kids, an amusing game to play
The bottle turns to you and you’ve been dared
To venture forth into the forest and stay there till morning ray
You agree to perform to prove you’re not scared

Of the mysterious woods of Borneo.

You remember the myths and curses
And the stories that had been designed explicitly
To warn you of the inexplicable forces
That had driven the valiant to lunacy

But ‘tis the eerie silence that has you lying awake
Silence that is deafening, silence that is shattering
Unseen eyes make you wonder what’s at stake
Trepidation takes over, the five senses weakening

In the portentous jungle of Borneo

As you lay your head on the hard pillow of stone
You long for warmth and comfort of your bed
Brimming with anxiety, not because you are alone
But simply because you know not what lies ahead

In the ominous forest of Borneo.

The creatures of the dark visit you in your dreams
And awaken you, sweating, shrieking
When you open your eyes amidst screams
You laugh at yourself feebly, realizing that it was nothing

But the power of the sinister Borneo.












The End

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