Poet#17 - "Stay"

 Tell me,
Tell me it’ll be okay,
Hold me close
And please,
Make the pain go,
Make it go away.

My grief is consuming me,
Burning me from the inside out.

You are my everything.
I can’t function without you,
Can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t eat,
Only my tear ducts seem to work properly.

All I do is write,
But while words feed the soul,
They do not feed the body.
And mine is slowly dying in your absence.

Free me,
Before I free myself,
And in doing so
Destroy everyone else.

Tell me,
Tell me it’ll be okay,
If there’s one word in my whole body,
I could use to convey
The silent breaking of my heart,
It would be a meek and pitiful whimper,
But a heartfelt







The End

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