poet#14 - "Devoted Love"

She lies beneath a shady tree,
New born babe across her knee.
To her breast he is attached,
Suckling, gooing, his fists relaxed.

The tiny mouth draws long and strong
Nectar from breast his only song.
Ahh such a picture doth this make,
As mother and child come face to face.

Father watches them with pride,
A small tear glistening in his eye.
Flesh from his flesh and the one that he loves,
Their child, their dream, thier souls inspired.

Babe now sleeps, small tummy full,
His eye lids flutter in the cool.
Snuggled safe in mothers arms
His work now done for a little while.

A loving kiss he gently gives
To the tiny hand thats held in his.
As he lays his head upon the breast
Of the one he loves - he too can rest.








The End

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