Poet#13 - "Shard"

A shard of mirror in my hand, a
Slices my fingers, makes them bleed.
Blood runs,
It too is cold to touch.

Everything is cold.
Everything is dark.
No love here,
No warmth
To fill the frozen void.

Run my bloodied fingers along the jagged edge:
Cold bites,
But I can’t bear to let it go.
All I have left of my world,
The world, my love, my life,
Reflected in this piece of broken glass.

It’s dim
And distant,
A fuzzy, faded dream.
A half forgotten memory,
Yet still so real to me.

I can see the smiling faces,
I can hear the voices sing.
I can feel them
In the mirror,
Where my heart used to be.

Red blood on frozen white,
Old blood, new wounds, same pain.
Still so cold.
It hurts,
It hurts,
It hurts to see those pictures
But they are all that’s left

Of me.



The End

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