Poet#5 - "Oh Muse, Hear My Voice"


With burning loathing in your eyes
You clip my humble wings
and thus I fall
for eternity
into the raging sea
behold it shall accept me
In my aching pain and misery
bourne from the look
you leave only for me.

With Medusa's gaze cast it upon me
And turn me into stone
and so I spend my last few seconds
Trapped in your cold granite embrace
with nought but hateful
snake bites that fill me with your
despising poison.
Lo I become you and so
like the putrid apple, rotten to the core.

With burning rage, Zeus of the aegis
Sends the cursed fury
to feast on my flesh, leaving me
vulnerable to your derogatory remarks.
I am no more than the filth that lies
On the bottom of your sandle,
the beggar that clasps your knees,
The poor those shoes trample on.
Oh muse, hear my voice, let it be known.












The End

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