Poet#4 - "Black Alps"


She was so free

Her gown on the floor

Moonlight ignited her eyes

Love perched on the cusp of her

Precious lips…

But her beauty was stained

Like Babylon’s whore

A mountain that crumbled

With the snap of a cord

And my knife danced inside

Her cursed intestines

Love toppled from it’s nest

As her screams ensued

The blade pierced her chest

I leaned in for a kiss

She spewed blood in my face

(The fu*ing bi*ch)

The stain on her beauty had

Spread to her sheets

I feared I’d be next,

Marred with distrust

I stepped back and there she lay

A moaning beast

A trap, a taunt

Into which I would fall,

If she still lived

Then I would take her soul…

But as I summited

On her fallen peak

And the moonlight shone

Again in her eyes,

I couldn’t help

But wonder

If I had been wrong

About this little prize.














The End

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