Poet#2 - "Blue Overcome"


In wide, clear skies I see the following dark
A taint of heaviness that drifts, ill-defined.
It escapes me.
But engulfs.
Vague shadows fall across memories
Fading past loves,
Staining old moments,
Colouring them with the knowledge of now.

In truths accepted I see the future lies
Cruelty and pain, overwhelming.
It’s hard to grasp.
But it hurts.
Where there is easiness there will be pain
Corrupting my flesh,
Bringing new tears,
Sundering joys, and ending them.

In green youth I see winter’s decay
The ragged, brown petals falling.
They cover me.
And hold me.
Sink me down into the earth,
Hiding me,
Whispering to me,
Speaking of little deaths with no meaning.

If I could find this,
If I could know this,
If I could see this,
Then I could conquer.
But I only feel this,
And am captured by this bodiless and weightless Thing,
That is the thief of sense,
That takes my meaning,
Makes me a shell, to break to pieces in the wind.






The End

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