Spring Poetry Competition 2010

The OFFICIAL (despite what the officials say!) quarterly Poetry competition.

 Mood/Imagery — (    /10)  How does this poem make me feel? Was there a sense of emotion - comedic, panicked, etc.


Rhyme/ Rythm (    /25)— Was the rhyming scheme, if one, relevant to the poem and did the poem carry a natural rythm?  Did the words meander easily like an inflatable raft along a sunny riverbank, did they dance, or did they cause you to stumble and try to re-read it in order to catch it?  As important, were these characteristics relevant to the subject matter?


Poetic Devices — (    /10)  (the number and effectiveness of those poetic elements that raise poetry beyond prose — there are at least 15 of them, including rhyme, simile, personification, and so on. But alliteration doesn't count this time.  ;) Without their use, the writing becomes prose...)



Word Selection —(     /25) This challenge begs for a thesaurus.  It also is fraught with the perils of words just <i>not working in context.  Were the words good choices, and did you have any feel that some words were more thrown in to match the assigned letter.  What words worked?  What words didn't?


The LETTER -  (     /10    ) Letters and sounds have their own lives.  You may notice that in warmer climates, like the middle East, languages tend to use many soft sounds like "sh" and "j", while in colder climates, as in the Inuit language, harder sounds such as "k" and "q" and "n" are precedent.  "Soothe", "jasmine", "cut", "quick" may be examples of how those hard and soft, hot and cold sounds have found their way into our own language.  Any comic will tell you that extensive use of the letter "K" is always a good thing (there once was a man from Nantuckket", cuckoo, Cosmo Cramer...

So with apologies for being wordy, did the sound of the alliterated letter itself properly perform the poet's presentation?  Perhaps?


Punctuation/Spelling/Grammar — (      /10)  does the poet respect our language conventions and provide punctuation to aid the reader in understanding of the poem? Do spelling errors interrupt the flow of the poem’s language? Are there distortions of word order that seem artificial and obscure meaning? (Note:  I copied and pasted exactly what was sent)

WOW Factor -- (   /10)  Replacing "1st impressions", did anything in the poem cause you to marvel?

Total   /100

The End

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