Spring in Assam

Spring in Assam has a soul. It tries to unite two hearts separated by social stratification and laws.

You would ask me why I am so happy

It’s the lovely little foxtail blooming on the mango tree.

I still remember when I fixed it with a paste of dung

And now it’s a princess, so pretty and so young,

Dazzlingly adorned for those winged charming suitors.


What a splendid sight it is to behold

She embraces a prince with a chest of gold,

She blushes, and wriggles, Oh! She’s dancing

Lighting my youth, It’s blazing and beaming.

Where are you whose lotus eyes I long to see?


Entire creation is singing our love

Hear the cuckoo? It’s practising our wedding songs

Our altar will be set amidst the fragrant mango grove

Else, why has the long stabbing on my heart,

The long mocking of winter on my tattered skirt

Disappeared? And the clouds have sounded the merry drum?

Nature is so honest; it understands my heart

And man! Man has placed you a throne of rubies

And me on a ballad of never-ending agonies.



The End

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