The time couldn’t have been better

The sun was out and it shined through the clouds

It screamed spring

And it was time for the cold to be over

Lilies dances in the wind

The dandelions conversed and showed off their fuzz

The bees were a buzzing

Sunflowers were sprouting their buds

The frog were croaking and green with excitement

The blue birds were chirping

And the wind was at its fullest

My golden hair blew in the wind

My dress flew over my face

My feet were stepping to the beat

Spring had arrived

My eyes sparkled in the sun

My cheeks were warm

My skin was pink

I was a fluorescent flower blooming

My entourage waited to greet me

I said “how do you do”

I danced with wind

 I smelled the lit up flowers

I soaked up the bright sun

I sang with the chirping blue birds

I buzzed with the bees

I was green with excitement like the frogs

I was blossoming

And I welcomed spring with open arms



The End

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