Poet #7- The Faerie Queen

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There is a glade beneath the shade
Of swaying willow trees;
A magic glade whose trees all sing
In chorus with the breeze.

And in that glade, there dwelt a maid,
A fair but lonely sprite;
A faerie queen who never slept,
But danced all through the night. 

Her eyes were bright like fireflies,
Her skin so smooth it shone.
And yet, her soul was never whole
While she still danced alone.

One summer's eve, through willow leaves,
A wanderer did sight
The faerie queen between the trees,
Dancing through the night.

Entranced, he watched her leap and dance
With otherworldly grace.
And then her eyes turned to the side
And spied his hiding place.

"Good sir, why doth thee hide from me?"
Asked the elfin wight.
"Come out," said she, "come o'er to me
And dance with me tonight!"

And so they danced, they twirled and pranced,
They frolicked, spun, and whirled.
About their toes sweet lilies rose
And flower petals swirled.

Across the glade they leaped and played
And laughed with pure delight.
And willow withies whispered while
They danced on through the night.

They danced away the night and day,
And weeks both came and went;
The months passed by like blissful sighs,
The years were quickly spent.

And finally, the man could see
His hair had blanched to white.
But though he grew quite old and frail,
He still danced through the night.

His final years all disappeared,
His life slipped slowly by.
And though the fay aged not a day,
At last, the old man died.

The faerie queen bewailed and keened,
And said sepulchral rites.
But she could not bring back the dead.
She danced alone that night. 

There is a glade beneath the shade
Of swaying willow trees,
And in that glade, there dwells a maid
Who dances with the breeze.

She dances still, and always will,
Beneath the moon's pale light.
But ever shall she be alone
As she dances through the night.

The End

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