Written for my 7th grade English class.
This was my experience with my first play audition

I walk on to the stage,

my heels clicking and echoing

on the hollow wooden steps.

Sounds travel far and wide in this cavernous room,

so it's not hard to hear the rustling of papers

and peoples politely impatient coughs.

I walk to the center of the stage,

nervous that,


I had made the  wrong decision afterall.

I take a deep breath in,

just like I've been taught,

and hold it there,

resting in the deep cavity of my abdomen.

Suddenly a blinding light blocks my vision,

I blink for a moment,

until I can see the outlines of the people in front of me,

vague and black,

which further intensifies my fear.

In a stuttering voice I introduce myself,

then look down quickly at the unnecessary script in my hand,

highlighted and marked from my weeks of nervous preparation.

I wait.

Take a deep breath.

And take the dive.

The End

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