Spontaneous Purpose

About order and chaos, life and its beginnings, and ends.

Spontaneous purpose

Arising from anti-life

Abstract thought

From abstract form.

At what point does it all divide?

Taken with no goodbyes

Beside eternity we laid

Begging it all

To never let us fade.


Single cells branching

Into riddles, answers

We need to solve them

But we're part of the problem

A conflicting sub-mind

Of irrational rationality.

Multicolored symphonies

Born out of black and white

We can't all hear the music

So preoccupied, so mystified


Primordial slime

Became the hunter, the prey

The basis of our dreams

The revenge we have wrought.

Self-flagellation for what isn't our fault

And blind carelessness for what is.

Skittering things

We detest and ignore

We were just like them once

Springing from genetic lore.


Something from nothing

The magician's hat

It gave up a rabbit, limp in his arms

But as the audience watched with dismay

It came to life

And took our doubt away.


Viruses and germs

Working savant miracles

Mindlessly insightful

Delightful, implacable

Order from chaos

Like a child's crude drawing

Outside the lines

Beyond the border.


Spontaneous purpose

Brought the rabbit back

But it was changed

Its meaning reanalyzed

It didn't mean to hurt us

But how hard it is

Being aimless cells

In God's brain.

The End

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