I am really liking this concept

Sometimes I refer to myself in the third person
It helps me often times to deflect
The anger and frustration I feel at times
at fault is this other person's intellect

It's a symptom of "split-personality" you say
But what if it actually is?
Blaming this other me for all my problems
just brings out in me so much bliss!

This isn't healthy for me you say
But what of this unbridled rage?
I channel it to this other person (me)
and then so conveniently dis-engage

If this helps me survive this jungle
Why would you term it bad?
This other me can take all the blame
the thought of it just makes me glad :)

I am really twisted - you say
The other me is overjoyed
the other me is flipping you the bird
something I could've never employed!

:) :)

P.S : The other me wrote this poem, so you cant blame me for that. I did admonish him severerly for this, but he flipped me the bird as well. C'est la vie!

The End

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