There is a dark abyssal spiral,

It's beckoning me to discover its secrets.

It promises an easier life,

Carefree and troubleless.

The people that are pushing me

To go into this abyss are the same

Who want me to stay.

It's strange how one can feel so torn

Between two offers that are unequal in every way possible,

But get an equal amount of consideration.

The spiral speaks to me,

Promising to take me from my

Pains, my sorrow, and frustration.

This is an offer I can hardly refuse.

There are those people again.

Promising on their lives that

What they do for me is better,

To keep me with them if only for a little while longer.

I ignore their pleas and descend the staircase into the promised better-land.

I have low expectations,

As for every promised-land has failed its migrants,

But anything is better than my current life.

I just want to get away from what is real.

I'm trying to get it to leave me alone,

Because that is what I want most of all.

Listen to me, you beggars from above!

You do not control me,

You just hinder me.

You do not persuade me,

You only make me feel guilty for my wrong doings.

But somehow, you put that all aside,

And still love me.

As a daughter.



Please accept me as you have before,

For all I've ever wanted

Was to be accepted.

I will never doubt you again,

Only test your control over me.

Please hear me as I do you,

This can all change in a matter

Of hugs that I give and recieve.

Making me feel what I've always wanted.


The End

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