A sort of sequel to EXEGESES, it's a spiritual successor. I've been working on it for six or so months and this is all I've really gotten out of it.

Wherever you go, there you are; there you'll be for-
Everything happens, enough advice to last me the night, so stop it for my sake.
Problems delt with, I guess this is talking it out in purest form, as not a word spoke;
Or transposition of whatever the listener wants is what the listener gets.
Reflections won't get me wrong, lest they're broken unlucky you-
Voyeur you spyglass an apetite for any chance at satisfaction;
It's like looking into you at our own peril at all, are we synicles in a simple form?
Am I botherable, allowing entry to a new state of conciousness?
I hope so, I won't soon but suit it so emotionally disturbing that;
What propels is biology and time gives us scars, not heal them.
I must submit to the monitor knowledge we've been given then,
That sure they were wounds once, there's scabbing too.
Though I can't forget, so I long to be taken in place of upheaveling noise.
Serving no purpose for years at a time, how cynical and-
Pale sort of; you should know I'm going nowhere with myself anytime soonlike.

The End

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