Spiders And Flies

From the point of view of people living in a police state or some other restricting regime. In this case, the one in my story, New Minds.


We're trapped beneath the web of our city's lies

If you try to leave, tell your life goodbye

We need protection in the spider's eyes.

For we are the flies.

We are the flies.


So many of us scurry to and fro

Be good. Maintain the status quo.

They hide what we don't want to see

Replacing it with rules and boundaries.


Hamsters in a cage.

Tubes and bubbles quell the rage

Don't speak out 

You have no clout.  They'll take you away.


Safety justifies the many eyes

That perch on street corners, disguised.

Security validates the means

They've turned us into infants never weaned.


Sentries, guardians and friends

Diplomats watch through a parental lens

So many clever names to keep this web serene

All it does is stifle, cover-up, demean.


Cocooned in the gossamer of what they think is right

Life has changed, but freedom is in sight.

The spider holds us, but still we see the sky

And someday, somehow, we're going to try.



The End

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