Spider spin your nickel net:

This is the musicality poem that I have been asked to create for my degree in creative writing. All feedback welcome.

For those in silken slipknots

pulled over zips and cotton,

marking ballots red blue or yellow

though unschooled and colourblind.


For those whose cubes arks and crosses

profess to teach and decorate,

and guide blindly without fact or truth

to blight, blood and reverent apathy.


For those spreading the grey contagion

amongst the elders, grain and knot,

sweeping amber, crisp, and stem away

for monoliths of metal and glass.


For those who look and turn away

magnanimously scratch their names,

and promise numbers on coded leaf

declaring good deeds be done that day.


For those who brag of bang and boom

and calculate two over four,

and theorise, synthesise, analyse, and demonise

and stand beyond creation pagan lore.


So spider spin your nickel net

and string by string protect from harm,

those who bark no prayer nor read

nor exist unwatched, nor follow law.

The End

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