Speed- The DepressantMature

108, 000 km an hour.
Faster. Faster. Faster. Stopped.

All of the speed in the world transfers into me.
Manifesting through my thoughts, my quivering muscles,
the pulses of my heart, and all that flows throughout me.

The chemicals that rush through me are intensified
as I rock back and forth. The motion that soothes a baby
now marking inhumanity: my insanity.

Past, present, and future are just words. Time is still now.
I move with great speed, but yet I don't go anywhere.
Fear of rushing holds me down, the energy bottles up.

I breathe out my demons and inhale reality,
it too is corrupted, disrupted, interrupted.
Inhale reality and remember why I'm here.

Speed through my head, thoughts faster than what can be tracked.
The tears have stopped but the pain will never go away.
Try to fly but wings are for angels, mine have fallen.

Faster. Faster. Faster. Stopped.
108, 000 km an hour.

The End

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