about the most amazing guy in the world. i am so lucky to have him <3

When you leave I miss you so much I start to physically ache, like my body is having withdrawals from your touch.

You’re the definition of perfection.
Every scar, every freckle, every bump, nook and cranny; beautiful.
What you see in yourself as flaws I see as your best characteristics.
Your nose you hate so much - perfect. I love feeling it pressed against my skin as we kiss.
Your laugh that you think is ugly - adorable. I love hearing you break into that high pitched giggle, it makes my insides shine with happiness.
Your pale skin and freckles - sexy. I love the way you look, you are beautiful just the way you are.
Your scars scattered over your body - fascinating. I love caressing the raised tissue with my finger tips, making up stories in my head of how you might have got them.

I love you so much, with every fibre in my body. When I begin to think about it, it hurts. Overwhelmed with feelings, you leave me speechless.

The End

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