Speaking the truth: not always the best thing


The path to take

the way to turn

it's hard sometimes.

It's hard all the time.

They say, "life is tough, get used to it!"

What if I don't want to?

What if, because you said that,

now I let all the insults sink in

boil inside,

untill I just want to explode,

just want to...to...

to live?

to die?

What if I become anorexic or fat?

What will you say then?

Will you care?

What if I come home without an arm?

Or a leg?

Or hair?

What if I had cancer?

Would you care then?

Do you care now?

What's the difference?

Life will always be tough,

but it'll be easier to bear through,

without you speaking the truth


The End

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