You can see the bright light and the trees cast a shadow at dark

You can see the great minds; from time to time collide, at the park

 Don’t believe me? Just look at the sparks


They’re colorful, and loud

But you still can’t hear a sound

Lost thoughts can’t be found

Look around the whole town


My feelings up but I can’t stop looking down

What’s a king without his crown?

Take a look around, and tell me


What grade did they say failed me?

Put the key in the ignition

Does this tweak your minds’ vision?

I have the tools of a technician

It multiplies your division


These rhymes so hungry

Don’t let them die of malnutrition


Your imagination should be blowing your mind

Like a gunshot to the head


It’s too early to get out of bed

There are too many words in my head


There are not enough of my words said

When you get creative and use your imagination, it leaves a mark


Once you get going, you see sparks


The End

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