Cold and dry, my soul is frozen. I fall hundreds a times to the floor, and I melt down to nothing. My edges are fragile, I am easily broken. People don't notice what I really am so I make 'em believe what they want to. I make them believe I am something gracefull and tranquil, but I am ugly and and crooked.

I can't help but to think that her warmth turns me into tears. Into a endless puddle of sadness, until I grow into a pool and then into a sea. Which only mirros the look of your eyes.

If you look from afar, I'm a mystery to you, but if you look at me closely, I'm as clear as the tear drop I end up being. You cannot fathom what I can be, for all I can be is melted away in the heat of time passing away.

I'm like a snowflake. Frozen after every tear drop is shed

The End

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