Sparks & Snowflakes

A strange combination. One cannot exist with the other. A side that only leaves ashes of what blaze had remained and another leaving drops of cold water.

I can only explain what a comparison these two have with what goes around inside me. In the literal sense, almost every part of me, is warm and liquid blood and solid organs. In the metaphor I stage in this poem. All the things that flow inside me are snowflakes and sparks. I feel the heat of my emotions ending up to be the ashes of the husk I am now. I can also feel the cold snowflakes, frozen and crooked as they turn to be the tear drops of my sadness.

A weird mixture of both indeed butI cannot find something more sutiable to compare the state in which I am currently living. I cannot think of something more closer to the reality of what I am feeling and what is to follow.

The End

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