Sparkling Night

Wrote this the night me and my Dad saw a meteor shower whilst at our second home in the Scottish Highlands. Not a poet but sometimes I write them cos...I just feel like it.

Sat in the garden,

Looking to the sparkling Galaxy strewn heavans.

With my father at my side, we sit, and watch the universe play chess.

Moving the stars like rooks and queens.

Us watching. Wishing as we see.

I soon realise how privelidged my life is.

That I can barely wish for ten of my hearts desires,

To be delivered to me by magical means.


I wish for love in life,

Health and happiness.

Good results in test of mind,

And help for the floods in Pakistan.

Only because I feel obliged.

I wish for success in my field and creative Ideas,

And then with Venus shing down at me.

Her pretty shell hiding the pain within, as with most things born of vanity.

I begin to strain for wishes so merely enjoy the sight,

Of the universe dancing for us,

On this dark Scottish night.

The End

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