Space Travelers

Sonnet I wrote for my English 12 class, had to be about Love, and be in Metaphors. Also had to have a "profound idea" at the end, not really profound, but w/e I'm thinking it'll do the job...

Space debris; swirling and twirling in our sights,                 

Shooting stars grabbed hold of their tails and flew,           

We poured pales of space rocks and made space lights,     

Sailed the cosmos to lands we never knew,                           

But I guess the Universe is too vast,                                        

You saw stars brighter out there far beyond us,                  

I should have known falling stars never last,                        

My star fire shone brighter than yours could thus,               

You sailed off further and left me behind lost,                     

 Imploding from the shock I went out BANG!                        

I became scattered space debris star crossed,                      

My pieces fell and on earth clinked and clanged,                 

      Yet ‘tis not for lovers our core grows sad,            
      'Tis the future moments we wish we had.                

The End

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