Space Black and White

Breaking up: it's like realising that space is too big a universe.

I have a quantum dark
Essence within me,
Embrace it and you will fall,
The jealousy I know renews me,
Bitterness in thick hair
Layers, and overflowing

Spittle, brittle to the night.
The mechanic rotations of my
Selfish iterations
Explain the relativity –
Terrible, between us both.
It had been of the fall

Of men and many lovers
Who were stretched different
Ways, that written idea
Of declarations:
Sheets, more sheets of paper used:
Blank and so full of scorn.

The gap that separates
Is filled with deeper resentment
Than those distortions
I can readily create,
They are our advantages.
But no more advancements

Shall heal the chiasmic façade.
Embarrassment ruby
Hidden quickly – and better;
Those colours, even when
They are mercilessly wiped out,
Have one more slice,

Boring into our between-
Space, black and white,
Not exactly what we hypothesised
When we tested the air.
When ‘out there’ flooded
In here with its looming black hole.

The End

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