Space between waves

My swimsuit is static electricity, screaming
In your mouth, seething in your conch shell ear
“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me”
But nothing sounds save that great
Coastal embrace, and how something broken
Down and gritty kisses best of all 

The sun, deflating, stares me out, lying
Beached, my sandglass heart all wound down;
The cliffs have nothing on the ferocity of
Your cheekbones: I needed stitches
The first time I kissed you
Up, down, up, down
Like some buoy or girl afloat,
Face veiled in whale song, or sailing supine
In a boat on the horizon, far away
From the shipwreck of us,
My icy gentleman, more of me
Is drowned than not 

The hollow cough sentiment of
That first little kiss was like holding
Up to you
A single grain of sand, and
You never having
Seen a beach 

You left me, let me fall
Asleep there in the shale, the pale sky
An expansive mirror, of the ocean,
Of my grey-swollen heart, all dead cells,
My vocal chords turned to sundry seaweed
Sun-dried and wind-brittle; I dreamt
The water crawled over me, half-dead
Lover, clammy and pearlescent; oh, my
Eyes turned all lachrymose,
Rorschach tests, or scaly as butterflies’
Wings, singing
Some heart-melting Celtic ballad
About how you loathe me so 

But the waves rolled, reeling
And a half-crushed can of
Diet Coke
Side punctured, steely, bit into me:
Red ribbons wail and squall,
Like some half-true sea monster, you
Can barely afford this coldness
Any longer; I can’t at all

The End

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