Southern LoverboyMature

About this time last year I was running free
trying to win the affections of a woman classier than me
But I should have known Danny boy got there in time
he stole my sweetheart and that was the worst crime

So I grabbed my gun and shot that bastard down
there’s nothing left above his neck to hold up his crown
His Mother cried and cursed my name in vain
because I beat the police and caught the last train

In each town the story remained the same
every pretty boy became fair game
The barrel of my gun was hotter than Hell
It’s fitting cause I know that’s where I’ll end up, but oh well

They can try and catch me but not before
I steal the heart of that blonde angel from the store
But her papa wasn’t pleased and told me to get away
so I took the coot out and shot him on the old railway

His blood is still drying on my best suit
serves him right for being such brainless brute
But the blonde angel had a change of heart
I found her to be nothing but a common tart

The police closed in with such perfect haste
but if I’m going down then I ain’t gonna waste
I kissed the blonde angel who was whiter than snow
thought ‘might as well’, I had nowhere to go

Sheriff Ramsay of the red, white and blue
he was the sharpest shot in the land, that much is true
But this particular day, I heard his rifle call
I turned to see the Blonde Angels blood painted on the wall

I was sentenced to the good ole electric chair
I said ‘your honour, the noose cannot compare’
They done the deed at a quarter of three
and my last thought was who’d be waiting for me

The End

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