Sour GrapesMature

Just something that happened last week

After so long you left me, almost three months untouched,

I know I shouldn't be obsessing, but I love you that much.

So when you held me and touched your face to my cheek,

it was the only thing I thought about, it got me through the week.

I couldn't believe you'd look at me like that, the look I longed to see,

my heart left spluttering in my chest, to good to truly be.

So I am sorry that you held my face, and put your arm around my shoulders,

I'm sorry that I was confused and thought maybe it wasn't over.

But you should know, it wasn't just me, everyone else saw it too,

so don't tell me it was nothing because thats just bullshit too.

Fuck you and your stupid insensitive, manbox morals, don't play with a  heart so broken.

Don't beat me down and hurt me, when I was only hoping. 

I don't know what I was thinking sorry I was confused,

but if you think its all my fault, you're seriously misconstrued. 

Yes, I admit I hugged you first, and I played with your hair,

but don't fuck around with my heart, and say there was nothing there. 

Despite the way you hurt me, and I don't know how much I can take,

remember that I love you and I'll never deem you Sour Grapes. 

The End

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